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Municipality of Preveza

Thermal natural resource of Preveza

General Information

The thermal springs of the Municipality of Preveza are located in the southwestern part of the city, next to the awarded "Blue Flag" beach of "Kyani Akti" and the entrance of the Amvrakikos Gulf with the great wetland protected by the international RAMSAR convention.

The springs that also called Paliosaraga – meaning “Old Palaces” - are part of the history of the area and are known since the 17th century when Ali Pasha built there his summer palace and used the water of the springs for hammam. In 1920, begins the systematic organization of the springs.

Thermal Water

The temperature of the water gushing from the source is 21.5o C

Characterization: Hypothermo Cl- Na- HCO3- Ca- Mg- K -B - hydrosulfide, sluggish weakly radioactive thermal water of the municipality of Preveza

Therapeutic indications: Chronic rheumatism, myositis, degenerative wounds, dermatoses, gynecological diseases

Facilities of health thermalism:

The bathroom facilities were renovated in 2013 and include 22 baths with a water temperature of 32o C. Their period of operation is from June to October. In the city center there are many accommodations and restaurants for the accommodation and dining of visitors.

Recognized: FEK 4744/Β ́/29.12.2017

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Municipality Of Amyntaio

Thermal Natural Resource of Sour Water

General Information

The Xino Nero village has rich sources of carbonated calcium carbonate natural mineral water and it’s located 30km southeast of Florina. The water gushing from the village springs is bottled at the local automatic bottling plant whcih was built by the French during the first World War, for their soldiers’ water needs. Scientific research has confirmed the beneficial effect of this water mainly on the kidneys but also on the liver of humans. The water coming from the springs of Sour Water is bottled in the automatic bottling plant that has been operating since 1958. The area of Sour Water is rich in water reserves of mineral water.

In 1992 it came under the ownership of the then community of Xino Nero as a pure community enterprise. With the subordination of the community of Xino Nero to the enlarged municipality of Amyntaio, a municipal enterprise became a municipal enterprise. The company bottles and markets the natural mineral sour water as well as carbonated soft drinks.

Thermal Water

Temperature: 15ο C

Characterization: Cold Ca- HCO3 acidic thermal water of the municipality of Amyntaio

Municipality of Argos Orestiko

Thermal natural resource of Ammoudara

Informacion i pergjithshem

The spring is located in a beautiful and healthy natural environment and is only 2.5 km away. from Argos Orestiko. The area where the springs are located is of great historical and archaeological interest. Important is considered to be the petrified forest of Nostimos with its impressive paleontological findings and the Roman city Diocletianoupolis, which was founded after the conquest by the Romans, next to the Aliakmonas river, in Armenochori.

Thermal Water

The temperature of the water gushing from the source is 15o C

Characterization: Cold HCO3-Ca-Na-Mg- Cl-hydrosulfide, sluggish thermal water of the municipality of Argos Orestiko

Therapeutic indications: Rheumatism, skin diseases, arthropathies, respiratory diseases

Facilities of health thermalism:

The construction of the spring was completed in 1998 and is one of the most modern in terms of equipment and services. It has individual baths with a thermal water temperature of 32οC.

It is open from June to September, all days of the week and hours from 08:00 a.m. to 20:00 p.m. In the area there is also a guesthouse for visitors.

Recognized: FEK 2112/Β ́/5.6.2019

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Municipality Of Konitsa

Thermal Natural Resource of Amarantos

General Information

The village of Amarantos is built in the Greek-Albanian borders, in a beautiful forest, at an altitude of about 1200 meters. At the North side of the village, at a distance of 5km, are the thermal springs of Amarantos, based on large limestone rock. It is unique natural resource, as in this beautiful and healthy environment gush water vapors that gave the springs the title "Amarantos steam springs".

After the liberation of Epirus, because Amarantos always maintained its autonomy, was not included in the official treaty of concession of the territories. The village was left to its inhabitants, who exploited the forest and springs until the Second World War.

Water vapor

The temperature of water vapor reaches 37o C

Characterization: Natural medium-sized "vapors"

Therapeutic Indications:: Diseases of the respiratory system, diseases of the circulatory system, neuralgia, rheumatism, arthropathies.

Facilities of health thermalism:

In the springs of Amarantos there are modern facilities with 13 individual springs, a group of springs and a space for inhalation therapy. The hot water vapor comes from great depths, through 15 karstic faults. The springs are narrow cubicles, to which the water vapor is channeled by a pipe. The facilities are open from June to September, seven days a week, from morning till afternoon. The visitor can stay in traditional hotels that are near and offer all the required accommodations.

Recognized: FEK 2165/Β ́/12.6.2018


Sarandoporou Springs in Vronomero, Leskovikk

The lesser-known springs of Leskovik are located on the northern side of Sarandoporou, on the Albania-Greece border, 10 km south of Leskovik. Also known as Vronomero springs, these thermal waters contain an abundance of minerals that help treat many ailments. Their temperature ranges from 29 to 40 degrees Celsius. These thermal baths are considered a somewhat "secret treasure" not only of Leskovik, but of the whole country, but the level of their exploration remains low compared to other sources in the country. The spring temp is approximately 27.6 degrees, and the water is potable.

Thermal Springs of Vronomero characteristics

Temperature: 26.7 ˚C

Coordinates: Length: 20°40’18”

Width: 40°5’54” Flow (l/sec): > 10

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Bënja Thermal Springs (Përmet)

Bënja thermal springs, also known as the "Bënja Baths", are located 14 kilometers from the southern town of Përmet in the Petran commune, just 3 kilometers from where the Vjosa River joins the Lëngarica stream. They are situated about a 20-minute drive from Përmet. These resources have been used for more than five centuries, due to their high curative and maintenance characteristics and properties.

They possess a high sulfur content and a dip with a duration of 20-25 minutes is enough to activate all the healing properties of these natural pools. Their peculiarity is that these are open sources in nature. The temperature of these waters varies 26 – 32 Degree Celsius. These temperatures remain at a constant level throughout the entire year. You can visit the site all year long.

These waters help to treat, improve, and cure a lot of different ailments such as rheumatism but also many skin and kidney diseases. There are a total of 6 sources. There are four sources used for chronic rheumatic diseases, one source for stomach ailments and one source for skin diseases.

Thermal Springs of Bënja characteristics

Temperature: 30 ˚C

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